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Do More of What Makes You Happy :)

What are your goals for 2018? Our goals for 2018 are simple. Literally!
1. Live Simple.
2. Do more of what makes us happy.
If you have been following us on IG (if you don't, come hang out with us here!) you've seen bits and pieces of our new adventure! We felt like God was calling us to simplify our lives and do more of what makes us happy!
full time rv living. winnebago
We sold 98% of our things and moved out of a 3,000 square-foot house into a 300 square-foot RV! Yes, RV, as in Recreational Vehicle, haha! It has been 3 weeks (exactly, as of today) and I can describe our experience in 1 word -- FREEDOM. You guys. We have felt free to have more fun. Free to travel more. Free to spend more time outdoors lavishing in God's creation. Free to love more. Free to be free. We have more free time to do what makes us happy as we spend less time cleaning, landscaping, paying bills (because, YESS we have less bills!!)
I have been able to pick my camera back up and get back into photography. I have missed it so much and the only reason I put it down 2 years ago? Because I simply didn't "have time" to take photos. Okay, that is just the most lamest (is that a word?) excuse, but I was just so overwhelmed with everything going on around me, I was so focused on "what's next" I didn't take the time to enjoy the "now" and take some time to myself.
I am challenging myself to pick up my camera a bit more this year. For my local friends, start looking at your calendars, because I definitely see more photoshoots in our future! But, more info to come on that SOON!
Happy New Year, friend!! 

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