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TIP THURSDAY- Contouring


Our products are SO interchangeable and can be used for several different things!! 

Let's chat about contouring today!! 😍


The purpose of contouring is to give shape to an area on your face and to enhance your facial structure!! I like to think of it as enhancing your best features!!

There are many different ways to contour depending on your face shape, but this is a very basic and general guideline to follow. So, I want you to become an expert at contouring by starting with this basic guideline! Once you have this down, I want you to learn more about face shapes! 


You are going to contour with a highlight and a darker color. The contour is generally going to be two shades darker than your natural skin color. Play and see what you like best! 


I want to share a few things you can use to both contour and highlight! 


👉Contour: Moca Java ShadowSense, Bronze BlushSense, Garnet ShadowSense, Foundations, Dark Concealer


👉Highlight: Light Concealer, Pearlizer, Sandstone Pearl ShadowSense, White Concealer, Candlelight ShadowSense, Foundations 

NOW.... try it out, and let me know what you personally use and LOVE to contour with!! 

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