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Kindness is Contagious

We believe kindness is contagious and by partnering with organizations that value and share the same vision we know we can make a difference in the world and help build deeper roots and relationships with Christ. 

Use #kindnessiscontagious and tag us in your photos! We'd love to see how you you spread kindness in your community!

Check out some examples of how we can start spreading kindness today! 

1. Write a thank you card to at least 5 people.

2. Buy a gift card for the person behind you at lunch.

3. Make a donation to a cause you believe in. Here are a few: 

  • Feeding The Orphans
  • Feed My Starving Children
  • Compassion International

4. Pack baggies with chalk, bubbles, stickers, and pencils and leave on the neighborhood kiddos door steps.

5. Leave flowers on someone's doorstep anonymously.

6. Bring in a neighbor's trash bin.

7. Stick quarters to bubble gum machines.

8. Hide $1 at the dollar store toy aisle or $1 Target bins.

9. Leave a treat for your mail carrier.

10. Buy a grocery gift card for shopper behind you.

11. Wash someone's car.

12. Bring a treat and share with your co-worker.

13. Post encouraging sticky notes on public bathroom mirror.

14. Bring donuts to police/fire station.

15. Leave change at laundro-mat.

16. Put change in a vending machine.

17. Blessings bag for homeless: beef stick, crackers, water, tooth paste/brush, soap, etc..

18. Give a bag of groceries with recipes to neighbor.

19. Leave sticky notes on changing tables saying "You're a great mom!"

20. Put grocery carts away.

21. Bake cookies for neighbors.

22. Hand out water bottles on a hot day to people walking around.

23. Bring flowers to bank tellers.

24. Pay the toll for 5 others.

25. Donate your hair after a haircut.

26. Put a dollar bill in a library book when returning it.

27. Give a free babysitting night.

28. Donate blood.

29. Pay for someone's morning coffee.

30. Find a book you love at a bookstore and leave a note with the cash to purchase the book for someone to find.