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-Rose Gold: Made with 18 gauge copper/brass that is lightweight and flexible but still holds its shape on your arm. Brass and copper will tarnish. You can choose to either let the beautiful natural patina take over, or if you want to keep yours bright and shiny, use a cleaning and polishing jewelry cloth to wipe away any tarnish once it begins.

How to size your cuff:
-Once you receive your cuff, gently pull the cuff ends apart until the space between them is just big enough for you to slide onto your wrist sideways. Once it is on, close it to where it will stay on your arm without falling off, and to where you can rotate it & slide it off of your wrist, NOT over your hand. You should be able to take it off and on without adjusting it every single time! If you are constantly pulling it apart and pushing it together to get it off and on, it WILL break. I am not responsible for this type of breakage. **Brass and copper cuffs do NOT have as much play room as aluminum. They are still adjustable, just not as easily as the aluminum**

**All stamped pieces are HAND STAMPED. Because of this, letters will vary slightly in depth & spacing. It is part of the charm of having a handmade piece.

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